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iMake Concept is Nigeria top road haulage service Lagos that help individuals, companies & businesses move a loads of goods nationwide.

We provide a new and easy way to transport full container loads of goods from one location to another around Nigeria and streamline your shipping process with our logistics solutions.

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Road Freight

Thanks to our solid network of associates, we can offer you an efficient and wide- range of road freight transport service within Nigeria.



Our efficient cargo delivery service ensures your package is pick and delivered right to your destination without hassles.


Our storage service gives you better control over your inventory and ensures that customers will receive their products on time.

imc cargo
IMC Logistics is the ideal haulage service for:
  • Individuals moving belongings from one home to another.
  • Startups shipping sold products to their customers.
  • Large enterprises moving large container load of goods from one location to another.


Fast delivery

Our customers benefit from our experience in delivering effective solutions to the complex national supply chains of some of the biggest organisations.


Your friendly experienced staff will endeavour to tailor services to your specific needs..


Our customers will be supported by our friendly team who are ready to apply their passion for solutions to suit your business.

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Our logistics support has got you covered.