iMake Concept helps you find strategic solutions for your global purchasing requirements. We’re experience in sourcing, manufacturing and importing products from all over Asia, America and Europe

How We Work for You

If we tell you we’re product sourcing company, you’ll get a good idea of what we do. But we strive to do a lot more …

We’re not just here to be your product sourcing company; we’re here to manage the entire supply chain for you. That’s everything from sourcing the right factory to overseeing quality control. All taken care of. It’s a partnership arrangement really. Working in partnership with you and our manufacturer helps us communicate your needs more effectively. And it helps us leverage better deals from factory owners who respect and trust us. Our ultimate aim is to reduce the total cost of your product purchases.


1. Understanding you

We start by getting a thorough understanding of your needs. Not just the big things like price, product specification, and quality of manufacture, but all the things that are just as critical but harder to convey to manufacturers: everything from your expectations of service delivery to your expectations of your product.


2. Factory Selection

We’re fortunate to have a huge contacts list of manufacturer throughout Asia, Europe and America; factories with specialisms in different production processes and a vast range of capabilities. These are not just factories that do an exceptional job, and who will work hard on your behalf; they’re factories that we trust. But if we need to conduct a wider search, we will, quality auditing as we go.


3. Manufacturing

We have people ‘on the ground’ in Asia, Europe, America, performing ongoing quality audits and ensuring compliance with your standards – that’s one of the big benefits of working with us. You will never have to be disappointed by failed targets or faulty production runs. And you won’t even have to oversee any of the processes yourself. It’ll all be done for you.


4. Freight Forwarding

Again, you set the agenda. Products can be shipped as quickly or as cheaply as you wish. Either way, we’ll work to your deadlines. We’ll be on hand to ensure target dates are met, to guarantee that products leave the warehouse and reach their allotted shipping routes on time.